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ArchitectureChat’s mission is sincere and there is a gesture of thoughtfulness and care for the audience. - Toshiko Mori , Principall, Toshiko Mori Architects

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ArchitectureChat collaborates with renowned architects, designers & firms to help you shift from "just an architect" to "a successful architect."

— Meet and interact with experts from top architecture and design firms.

— Learn from their expertise, know-how and mistakes.

— Grow with a community of like-minded individuals.

Chad Oppenheim & James Whitaker discussing their architectural process with the community.

Building a successful career in Architecture & Design from scratch is challenging enough!!

Learn with community, build a high-quality professional network & enjoy your journey

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Be part of groups to learn different topics via our live courses and masterclasses. Our regular masterclasses and online events bring experts and learners together, providing opportunities to expand knowledge and share experience.​

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Get exclusive access to curated workshops. These workshops will cover topics like portfolio design, building a brand, starting a firm, communicating with clients, marketing architecture firm, and more.

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Network and collaborate by connecting with people with distinct strengths and demographics. Participate in the process of exploring and generating new ideas and opportunities.

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Connect with top design talent within our community. Relieve the stress of needing to find ideal candidates for in-demand positions. Network with hiring managers and find open positions quickly.

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Get access to a curated, recorded video content library exclusive to our community. Even if you miss our community live sessions we've got you covered.

Live Chat Whenever You Need Help

Feeling stuck or dealing with a creative block? Connect with community members, experts and like minded people to find answers to your questions and share your experiences.

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Become a part of a global community to network, make meaningful connections, learn from industry experts, enjoy your journey & more.


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Past Events & Sessions

For Students, Recent Graduates & Professionals

How to create an award winning thesis

Mentored by Shaina Yang & Calvin Boyd

Business of architecture

Mentored by Luciano Landaeta

How to design an architecture portfolio

Mentored by Valentino Gareri

How to build a successful career in architecture

Mentored by Luciano Landaeta, Michel Rojkind & Ada Tolla

How to build a brand for an architectural practice

Mentored by Tanya khanna

Business of Interior Design

Mentored by Rahul Sankhwalker & Kohelika Kohli

How to create timeless architecture

Mentored by Chad Oppenheim

Running a successful architecture firm

Mentored by Sourabh Gupta

Transport Infrastructure Design: Metro stations

Mentored by Jeroen Van Erp


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Yes, you can discuss, network and collaborate with any community member or mentor.