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Ritesh Malik Founder Innov8

Dr. Ritesh Malik

Founder, Innov8

Patrik Schumacher – Zaha Hadid Architects

Patrik Schumacher

Principle, Zaha Hadid

Sourabh Gupta_Archohm

Sourabh Gupta

Founder, Studio Archohm

Chad Oppenheim_Headshot[2] - Laura Pineda

Chad Oppenheim

Principle, Oppenhiem Architecture

Sonali Rastogi_Morphogenesis

Sonali Rastogi

Founder, Whitaker Studio


James Whitaker

Founder, Whitaker Studio

Ambrish Arora_Studio_Lotus_ArchitectureChat

Ambrish Arora

Founder, Whitaker Studio


Ricardo Bofill Jr

Founder, Whitaker Studio