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Career in architectural photography & Filmmaking

Learn the skills needed to become a successful architectural photographer

by Pablo Casals Aguirre
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career as a Set Designer & Concept Artist

Informative Session

by Anshuman prasad
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Transport Infrastructure Design: Metro stations


by Kunal Savarkar & Jeroen Van Erp
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Business of interior design

Coming soon...

by Industry Experts
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Featured Experts

LEARN FROM THE BEST - Design philosophies, educating the client, sustainable architecture, starting your own architecture firm, architecture in the aftermath of COVID-19 & more.


Toshiko Mori

Principal, Toshiko Mori Architect

Patrik Schumacher – Zaha Hadid Architects

Patrik Schumacher

Principle, Zaha Hadid

Sourabh Gupta_Archohm

Sourabh Gupta

Founder, Studio Archohm

Chad Oppenheim_Headshot[2] - Laura Pineda

Chad Oppenheim

Principle, Oppenhiem Architecture

Sonali Rastogi_Morphogenesis

Sonali Rastogi

Founding Partner, Morphogenesis


James Whitaker

Founder, Whitaker Studio

Ambrish Arora_Studio_Lotus_ArchitectureChat

Ambrish Arora

Design Principal, Studio Lotus


Ricardo Bofill Jr

President and Chief Architect,
Bofill Arquitectura

Feel Good Information

  • Traveling provokes experimentation and innovation.
  • Traveling allows you to interact with the benefactors of the local architecture.
  • Traveling inspires you to create timeless architectural pieces.
  • Traveling inspires the creativity within us
  • Traveling evokes respect for the architecture profession.
  • You are working in a Negative work environment.
  • You are underpaid.
  • You are not learning anything new.
  • You are ready to start your own firm.
  • You are not passionate about your job.
  • You have no time for yourself.
  • Work stress is affecting your health & mental peace.

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