About Us


ArchitectureChat is a digital platform for Architects, Designers, and Students that helps them build a successful and fulfilling career. Through interactive courses, workshops, and informative videos, the platform aims to foster learning, inspire architects and students to actively work towards their individual aspirations, and make better, informed career choices. It is a place of confluence where expertise meets individual needs and aspirations.

We are also directing our efforts towards providing value to the Architectural community by starting a discourse around the conversations that matter and curating the relevant and multifarious information. 

With ArchitectureChat, the aim is to present the collective opinion of the community through its engagement and interaction with the audience.


“Right Guidance at the right time from the Right Mentor can do wonders.”

A recent graduate might need help or have trouble with numerous things that are not taught in architecture schools. A younger architect might have confusion in making a career choice or face challenges in building their studio. This is where ArchitectureChat comes in. It brings together the brightest and the most curious minds and provides them a community to fall back on whenever needed. 

It not only spreads knowledge and awareness about the field of architecture and design but also prepares the community for the skills needed for the real world.

With a focus on uniqueness and dependability, the aim is to help architects, designers, and students from across the world be a better version of themselves and excel in their careers.