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We are architects, designers, engineers and amusing people.
We are a bunch of NIT and IIT architecture graduates with experience in architecture and digital media, creating a platform where everyone can have access to everything related to architecture. A mini-encyclopedia. Main reason being, as a student, whenever we had any doubt related to architecture, we had to look into many websites for THE solution. To ease that pain, we wanted to have only one such platform with all the diverse details. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best with a focus on uniqueness and dependability.
We are here to serve innovation to help architecture students and professionals to grow in their carrier and life to build a better future.
You’re now one big step closer to awesomeness.
We would love to write about the topics, you want us to. Be it anything (Now, let’s just stay in the domain of architecture). Just try to give us the vague idea about what you are looking for. However, if you want to discuss the philosophical truths about life, we are so in for that.
Feel free to contact us for anything at CONTACT
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