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Architectural Journalism Online Course

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Course Overview

#buildingwords Communicating Architecture and its narrative beyond the stereotypical visual tools, here is an opportunity to explore the potential of words in creating meaning, communicating design and enabling an engaging discourse on architecture and design. If you are interested in what it takes to communicate architecture and design effectively through the written word, here is a unique opportunity to hone your writing skills. Learn to #sketchwithwords

Mentored by Tanya Khanna, Founder Epistle communications in collaboration with ArchitectureChat, the course is at the helm of career exploration in architectural writing.

Completing this course will help you learn:

  • The basics of architectural writing.
  • How to kick-start a career in Architectural journalism and exploring various options and opportunities.
  • How to build an architectural writing portfolio?
  • Writing for brand development.
  • Build skill-set needed for the role of Communication manager, PR manager, Marketing manager.

Who is this course for?​

This course is open to anyone interested in learning architectural writing. All sessions will be conducted in English. We record Google Meet Video lectures, you have the option to replay(Learn at your own pace) lectures for better learning experience from our website.

Course Edition


Course Starts

4 June 2021

Course Ends

3 July 2021

Course Duration

5 Weeks

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1 +
Successful Editions
Architecture Journalism Course students

Course modules​

  • Lesson 1 – What is Architectural Journalism- a theoretical and practical view, Need for Architectural
  • Lesson 2 – Types of Writing & framework of write- ups.
  • Lesson 3 – Project Descriptions Part I
  • Lesson 4 – Project Descriptions Part II
  • Lesson 5 – Critical Reviews Part I
  • Lesson 6 – Blogs and Social Media
  • Lesson 7 – Website/ Newsletter writing

  • Lesson 8 – Writing for Brand Development
  • Lesson 9 – Skillsets for the Job Role | Communication Manager, PR Manager, etc
  • Lesson 10 – Closure, Assessment, Feedback and Interaction
  • Bonus Lessons – How to start a blog

Live Sessions on Friday & Saturday


05:30 pm - 06:30 pm


08:00 am - 09:00 am


02:00 pm -03:00 pm


08:00 pm - 09:00 pm


02:00 pm - 03:00 pm


Opportunity to work as Communication manager/ content writer

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Meet the course Mentor

Tanya Khanna

Founder, Epistle Communications

Tanya is an architect with over 15 years of global experience in Corporate Communications and Strategy within architecture, design, real estate and media domain.

She has professional experience in marketing and communications, business development, architectural research and design with a special focus on positioning and developing tailored, strategic PR and Business Development approaches within a design practice. Bringing together technical know-how, an innovative insight, and a pragmatic approach founded on industry experience, Tanya offers strategic communication expertise through Epistle Communications.

Tanya is a GRIHA certified Evaluator, which ascertains her commitment towards endorsement of sustainable design expertise. She writes for several trade and non-trade journals, has been visiting faculty at her alma mater in India and has been part of various juries. Tanya comes from within the design industry and brings with her an intrinsic understanding of what businesses in the AEC domain need to succeed, and her holistic advice continues to help design brands, studios and large practices alike.

Through her role at Epistle, she has laid the foundation of what is a one-of-its-kind agency in India, facilitating good design and bringing it forth on a global platform.


What other students are saying...

The course was really useful and informative - we could all see that you had made great efforts to structure it in the most beneficial way possible. It exposed me to formats of writing and career options that I had little knowledge about before, and instilled confidence in me to consider this as a serious career pursuit. I'm sure it must have encouraged other members of the class in similar ways. Having Tanya as a mentor was an amazing experience - her passion for good writing and enthusiasm made the course all the more engaging and fruitful.
Sharon Sabu
united states of america
Thank you very much for the short course. I have gained knowledge in the types of writing and it developed my writing skill at the same time. I like to thank Tanya a lot , for being extremely patient in explaining about questions we raised on the activity and lectures.
Fang Chin
The course is very informative, all the exercises are creatively designed to help develop your writing skills.
Shivani Thakkar
It was a very informative course and it helped me a lot to improve my writing skills. It was also fun to have different activities.
Suryansh Gupta
I loved the flow and activities throughout the course which helped in developing my own writing style. It is a perfect start for anyone looking to explore insights of architecture journalism.
Tanvi Saraf
This month long course has been an eye opener for me in terms of understanding what could go into architectural writing in general.
Purvi Mody
Well I really enjoyed the course first of all the really nice aspect of it was it was really well structured the schedule was done well and everything was on time. We got all the answers that we were looking for.
Janice Johnson
Thank You Tanya and ArchitectureChat  for this amazing course. I have learnt a lot in the last few weeks and I am really happy that all our doubts were solved immediately. Even the feedback for the assignments given by Tanya was very helpful. Thank You so Much!!!
Richa Shah
Let me start off by thanking you for your hard work in putting this very useful course for us to learn and grow as writers. the course was very useful in learning how to streamline my thoughts and processes pertaining to writing about architecture, I'm glad to have signed up for it.
Shreenidhi Venkatachalapathy
This course has helped me gain the confidence to write. I usually don’t write and I was shocked that I can write and that was motivating for me.
Kishwerniha Buhari, Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi
The course conducted by the ArchitectureChat team in collaboration with Tanya Khanna was an eye-opener. The program touched upon various aspects related to writing which helps an individual understand the typologies and requirements from a literature point of view. The activities conducted were discussed in every session, which gradually helped the students comprehend their written pieces from different perspectives. With carefully fashioned modules, the team provides knowledge and expertise, which further helps curate a path for people interested in architectural writing.
Ansha Kohli

Course FAQs:

Can i get a refund if i am unable to attend the workshop?

You can request a refund before 25th May 2021.

You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] indicating the email you use for course registration, the order ID and the reason for the refund.Please note we are unable to reimburse for any currency conversion fees charged by your bank.

What should I do if I am late for a session? Or I can’t attend the live session. Will the session be repeated? Is there any way to watch it later?​

It is recommended that you join the session on time. All google meet sessions are recorded and shared on the ArchitectureChat website and may be accessed at any time by registered students. You have the option to replay lectures for better learning experience from our website.

Do I need any prior knowledge to succeed with this workshop?​

Absolutely not! To succeed in this workshop all you need is the willingness to learn & take action, a curious mind and the desire to succeed.

Do I get a certificate for completing this course?​

Yes, a certificate of completion will be provided with pro learner plan and business development plan

I am an architecture student, can I join?​

Course is open to all students, fresh graduates and professionals as well.

Will I get an opportunity to connect with other participants?​

Virtual and interactive workshop: The virtual experience allows participants to feel comfortable and provides a conducive environment for productive learning at home.

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