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With so many skills and competencies, what is it that employers look for? What will make your portfolio stand out in the heaps of applications received for a job advert? How can we tackle various challenges when seeking employment or our choice of experience?

If you are also looking for answers to all these questions, you have come to the right place. This course is specially curated to help you find answers to all such questions and improve your chances to land a job in the firm or organization of your choice.

This video series will help you gain, develop and hone the essential skills needed to help you stand out in the workforce and advance in today’s dynamic job market by enhancing your employability. 

Join this course to learn the art of crafting a winning architectural portfolio and re-imagining your architecture or design career.

What You Will Learn:

Skills required by Top Architectural Firms

  • Non technical skills
    Communication, writing, problem solving, time management etc
  • Technical skills
    Software skills, design thinking etc
  • Crafting a Winning Resume
  • Writing a Winning Cover Letter
  • How to get excellent letters of reference 

Mistakes and challenges

  • Do’s and don’ts of portfolio
    Mistakes to avoid
  • Do’s and don’t of Cover Letter
    Mistakes to avoid
  • Limited Work Experience for the job
    Presenting yourself when you don’t have sufficient work experience
  • Work Visa challenges
  • Your Grades or Test Scores
    Preparing and presenting yourself when you don’t have good grades and test scores

Architecture & Design Portfolio

  • Why do you need an effective portfolio?
  • Preparing materials and assets
  • Order of a portfolio(materials, assets, projects etc)
  • What to include in your portfolio
  • Typography – fonts selection
  • Types of pages/spreads
  • Delivery types and how to plan for them
  • Portfolio length(number of pages)
  • Number of projects you should include
  • Drawing/images vs explanation text count/limit

Purpose of a Portfolio with Examples

  • Portfolio for colleges
 (applying for masters) with example
  • Portfolio for Architectural Internship
 with example
  • Portfolio for Job
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Meet Your Mentors- Learn from the best

Valentino Gareri

Founder, Valentino Gareri Atelier

Valentino Gareri is an Italian architect with a senior experience in the industry known for his ability to successfully integrate ideas from a great variety of fields into his work. 
He is a prominent and distinguished architectural designer who is highly regarded among experts in the field.
Valentino has worked on numerous distinguished design projects throughout the world (Italy, Australia and United States) and these projects have been widely covered in architectural publications and the wider international press.

Born in Italy, Valentino graduated with honors in 2010 at IUAV – University of Venice, studying Sustainable Architecture, and became registered Architect in 2011.His thesis degree has been published in the Fassa Bortolo Award 2012 edited by University of Architecture of Ferrara. For his studies on sustainable design, he received several international awards, such as the Sustainable Architecture Award – Fassa Bortolo 2012 and the SAIE Selection 2011 Award.

In the 2019 the European Commission awarded him with the European Sustainable Award as part of the team Workshop Reconstruction – MCA. Valentino Gareri has been Assistant Professor of Architectural Design in 2012 and 2013 at the University of Parma, Italy. Today based in New York, during his career he had the opportunity to work with prestigious international practices, such as Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Mario Cucinella Architects and BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group.

Eddy Tavio

Senior Associate, Architect, Populous

Eddy Tavio is a Senior Associate and Project Designer at Populous, a global design firm that creates places where millions unite. He is a LEED Green Associate and a member of the American Institute of Architects

What other participants are saying...

It was indeed an enriching experience! 
First of all, I want to thank the ArchitectureChat Team, for their cooperation, readiness to reply or help with any question and support for the portfolio workshop! I appreciate it a lot!!

And regarding the Portfolio workshop: I would like to mention how lucky I am to find this workshop mentored by Valentino. His work has influenced me in the best of ways. While making the decision to participate in this workshop, I was looking for motivation and similar inspiration from a professional such as Valentino. I chose the workshop to review my portfolio, which has been a huge motivation for me. When preparing the portfolio before the workshop, I knew how to do it, but Valentino helped me to focus on things which are more relevant and valuable to create structure and strategy for the steps we take in developing our portfolio. His lecture and experience helped me obtain clarity in thoughts  and actions. Before portfolio making felt as a tremendous abstract work, however, after the workshop it has become an easy step-to-step task. I am extremely thankful for the insight and therefore, highly recommend this course for such guidance! After a long time of stagnation with the portfolio, with recommendation and review from the worskshop, I got confidence and direction for my portfolio. I must point as well, that the mentor Valentino is a positive person. His words were inspiring and motivating. The live sessions were also very responsive and interactive. We could ask all the questions we were worried about and Valentino addressed all fully and carefully! Thank you for the workshop, it was indeed 100% helpful to me!

Alena Dolzhikova

Recent graduate, Hungary

Thanks a lot for the workshop. It was really cool to attend the workshop. Some small detailing like how to make the portfolios short and crisp are very useful.

Azad R K

Recent graduate, India

It’s been great for my classmates and me! We’ve learned a lot and we’re glad we joined the workshop.

Reem Taju

Architecture student, saudi arabia

It was really useful to decide on what to add in portfolio and how to represent things in a portfolio. I personally felt the workshop was interesting.

Sugathi Reddy

Recent graduate, India

Thanking ArchitectureChat to be participant and getting once in a life time opportunity to get my portfolio reviewed and answered on various scales in the field of architecture under Valentino Gareri.

Siddharth Bhandari

Recent graduate, Polimi, Italy

I just graduated with my bachelor and during my internship, the whole portfolio-making process is like a serious catastrophic event because I had no clue what to do. But seeing other people who have done their portfolio and learn about the process I am going to do a better job this time.


Recent graduate, india

For me it was very useful I am a bachelor’s student and I have never done a portfolio before so I attended this workshop to see how to build a portfolio and for me this workshop was very useful. Also, seeing other participant’s portfolios was helpful.

Gloria Marelli

Architecture student, Italy

For me, this was the first experience of knowing how a portfolio should be designed, and the basics of an architecture portfolio also dos and don’t of a portfolio.


Architecture student, India

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there prerequisites?

This course is open to anyone interested in learning more about architectural portfolio design.

Do I need any prior knowledge to succeed with this course?

Absolutely not! To succeed in this course all you need is the willingness to learn & take action, a curious mind and the desire to succeed.

Can i get a refund if i am unable to attend the course?

Course fee is non-refundable

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