Second Edition

An Online Workshop To Help You BUILD A BRAND For Your Architecture & Design PRACTICE

Build a brand | Attract ideal clients | Make a mark in the industry

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Why You Should Build A Brand?

To find and attract the ideal clients

To find and attract the top talent

It sets you apart from the competition

To build trust & enhance credibility

Workshop Overview

Someone has famously said that architecture is a great profession and a terrible business. In today’s globalised world, markets are in constant motion and new business can be generated from multiple means. As architects and designers, we are all inherently trained to let our work speak for itself. Stuck in the everyday rut of work, meetings, deadlines and ensuring the deliverance of good design, often we do not tap into our business strengths and how that can be a path to growth and success. Traditionally, architects steer away from brand building- in this highly competitive world, the success of a firm can simply be hinged on communication.

Completing this workshop will help you:

Build a brand for your architectural practice​

Strategise, Curate and Plan your content ​

Get your marketing & communications activities in place.

Manage your public visibility- PR, social media, Awards, Publications etc.​

Be a part of the global discourse on Architecture.

Day 1 | Friday, April 02, 2021 | 90 Minutes

Day 2 | Saturday, April 03, 2021 | 90 Minutes​

Day 3 | Wednesday, April 07, 2021 | 90 Minutes​

Day 4 | Thursday, April 08, 2021 | 90 Minutes​

Who should attend this workshop?

Architects, Interior Designers, Product Designers, marketing and communications professionals and others in the architectural domain.

Live Sessions Timings


05:30 pm - 07:00 pm


07:00 am - 08:30 am


01:00 pm -02:30 pm


08:00 pm - 09:30 pm


02:00 pm - 03:30 pm

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Meet the workshop Mentor

Tanya Khanna

Founder, Epistle Communications

Tanya is an architect with over 15 years of global experience in Corporate Communications and Strategy within architecture, design, real estate and media domain.

She has professional experience in marketing and communications, business development, architectural research and design with a special focus on positioning and developing tailored, strategic PR and Business Development approaches within a design practice. Bringing together technical know-how, an innovative insight, and a pragmatic approach founded on industry experience, Tanya offers strategic communication expertise through Epistle Communications.

Tanya is a GRIHA certified Evaluator, which ascertains her commitment towards endorsement of sustainable design expertise. She writes for several trade and non-trade journals, has been visiting faculty at her alma mater in India and has been part of various juries. Tanya comes from within the design industry and brings with her an intrinsic understanding of what businesses in the AEC domain need to succeed, and her holistic advice continues to help design brands, studios and large practices alike.

Through her role at Epistle, she has laid the foundation of what is a one-of-its-kind agency in India; In the nine short years since its founding, Epistle has catalysed the rise of India’s architectural and design presence worldwide, enhancing visibility for its clients through curated content. We have been championing the cause of Indian design and architecture, while bridging the gap between design brands and architects.

What other participants are saying...

Dear Tanya and Architecturechat team, Thank you so much for the great workshop. I have learned a lot and felt really motivated to activate my brand and just to try do my best. It was really clear and the content was really what needed for activating brand.
Leonie Moniaga
Architect, Indonesia
It was enriching, and I have learnt a great deal. One session was a little overwhelming as it was intensive and high paced- but I can go back to that session maybe 3 times and i know that I will learn something new every time. It's all new to me and I just want to soak up everything and implement immediately and get going.I love the international exposure and it's been a privilege. I am now going to implement some of stuff you have told us.
Donette Werkman
Architect, South Africa
The best part is that I can go back to the recorded sessions, and get a better understanding.
Mithun Kadri
Architect, India
You have consolidated all the information and shared it with us in just 4 sessions. there is just so much information that you have given- it’s been a great learning. And I am sure it's going to be really helpful.
Hinal Panchal
Architect, India
I found this workshop to be really incredible - you have been so thorough with every aspect of brand development including building a digital presence online. I found this workshop really helpful and it filled in a lot of gaps.
Meghan Kirkup
Landscape Architecture Intern, Canada

Course FAQs

Answers to FAQs for the workshop

This workshop is designed for architects & Interior designers, both aspiring and experienced. That said, if you don’t have a firm yet, this course will help you build a brand around the services you’re looking to launch in the future.

You have the option to replay the recorded sessions. All google meet sessions are recorded and shared on the ArchitectureChat website and can be accessed at any time by registered participants.

Yes a certificate of completion will be provided. You can download the certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile.

Absolutely not! To succeed in this workshop all you need is the willingness to learn & take action, a curious mind and the desire to succeed.

Yes, modules are designed to help you understand how PR, marketing and brand building works in the architectural & design domain. You will learn the essential skills required to work as a marketing/brand manager for architecture and design firms.

This workshop is all virtual and highly interactive. The virtual experience allows participants to feel comfortable and provides a conducive environment for productive learning at home.

You can request a refund before 20th March 2021.

You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] indicating the email you use for course registration, the order ID and the reason for the refund. Please note we are unable to reimburse for any currency conversion fees charged by your bank.

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