architectural design magazine

Architectural design magazine

Are you that person, who sometimes wonder what else to read to be better at designing or what might be new or trend (of course except for books, because those are not well updated with what is happening in the outer world right now, EXPOSURE is important, you see). So answer to all your questions is ‘Architectural design magazine’.

Keeping the curiosity aside, still, the main question is, why should we read architecture magazine? don’t we have enough to do already. There are many reasons:

1. Information about trends:

Think about flipping the glossy pages of magazines ( well you can read Architectural design magazine PDF too ), where the designs or interiors don’t even feel real because that’s what used to happen to me. I mean, how are people open to spending that much money and even if they are, how are they accepting such bold or funky design in their homes !! That’s the point, this world of architecture is constantly evolving. Things which are acceptable now were not 10 years back. So there is nothing wrong in looking out, what is new and incorporate that in the work.

2. Information about works, jobs, and competitions:

You can subscribe for more technical architecture magazines, which can actually improve your practical approach towards designing, as these magazines often do have the step to step guide to different technical constructions. Whereas they also have details about different ongoing works and jobs available. So you can opt for whatever might interest and apply with a sound portfolio. you get to know about competitions too, and who doesn’t want to have a passive way to earn while studying itself

Considering the fact that there are many architecture magazines, which one should you read? Which ones are the best architecture magazines? Here I am listing out the best ones, available in the market; Architectural digest, Architecture, Architectural Record, Metropolis, Architect’s journal, Architectural Review, Icon, Architectural design, The architect’s newspaper, Dwell, eVolo, Archis, Domus, Azure and many more.

  1. Architectural Digest: American monthly magazine founded in 1920, focuses mainly on the interior designing.
  2. Architectural record: It is much older than architectural digest, combines many aspects of architecture including business.
  3. Metropolis: It has a wider domain from ideas to themes, interiors to graphic design and much more.
  4. Architectural Review: it covers very diverse topics, landscaping,  building design, interior design, and urbanism. It works mainly in raising awareness in the field of urban design
  5. Icon: It was started in the 2000s, features photos and videos of extraordinary works of architecture.
  6. Dwell: It is all about functionality, the comfort of homes and their concepts in classy and cultured style.
  7. eVolo: It particularly features technology, sustainable and creative designs. Best Known for organizing Design Competition.
  8. Archis: It is known for investigating the realities of architecture in the present time. Because many architecture styles have changed with time, making us sometimes wonder that, something ever existed this way or not.
  9. Domus: While launching this magazine main objective was to refurbish people’s interest in architecture without disregarding topics of interest to women.
  10. Azure: This magazine has an international coverage, known for featuring interior designs, various products, landscapes, urbanism and of course architecture.

Magazines discussed above are just the famous ones, but you need not read only these. As the choice of magazines may vary from person to person as their interest in the fields of architecture. you can also say, in the present time, they are a better way to learn about changing architecture than books. Now, to explore your options you can go to Architecture design magazine website, can take up specific subscriptions ( esp. Architectural digest subscription ), because in the profession like architecture magazines are your best friends. So always keep them close and your pencil closer.
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