Best bags for architects

Best Bags For Architecture Students

In this post we are sharing a collection of best bags for architecture students or Architects.

While studying architecture i always needed a bag where i could keep all my stuff organized and safe. For me a quality bag needs to be handier and durable, a bag that can hold all things that an architecture student needs in his/her day to day life like stationery, measuring instruments, sketchbook and laptop.

The following bags offers the best crafts that we need to make our life easier and organized.

How to choose the best bag?

  • Comfort:

The first thing you need to do when shopping for a carry bag is to check for comfort. No one likes a hurting back or shoulder due to the weight of an uncomfortable bag. Whether you are walking or riding a bike, you are going to need a comfortable bag. Comfortable bags for architects and students are available with adjustable, padded shoulder straps made of soft material to ease your burden.

  • Durable:

While choosing a bag also keep durability in mind. In the zest of looking for a new bag, you might fail to notice its durability. You wouldn’t want to spend extra bucks next month due to ripped-off stitching, so it’s better to double-check the quality of a bag before buying one. Always buy durable bag from reliable brands that offers you at least one year of warranty.

  • Material:

Material is also an essential component to focus on, while buying a bag. Choosing a quality material bags for architecture student without knowing about its attributes is a big mistake. Bags are generally made of materials like canvas, nylon, polyester or leather. Each material has specific qualities like waterproof, durability and comfort. It’s also nice to check the quality of the in-lining material of a bag, that is comfortable to touch and does not tear away easily. Looking for a water resistant material bag is must, if you are carrying a laptop, electronic devices or portfolios.

So here is list of The 10 Best Backpack for Architecture Students.

1. Mancro Laptop Backpacks
best bags for architects

A light-weight bag, perfect fit for daily use for in school, business or traveling. It also comes with a USB built-in charging cable, offering you convenience to charge your phone anywhere. With its external pockets you can keep handy access to your keys, ID cards or any documents. The bag is crafted from durable Eco-friendly nylon fabric, making your footprint environment-friendly.

With this you can comfortably carry your 15-inch laptop, iPad, water bottle, journal, book, pencils, markers and few more day to day things with an ease.

2. MarkRyden Anti-Theft Waterproof Backpack
best bags for architecture students

This durable and lightweight backpack from Fur Jaden can keep you sorted throughout the day while also being super stylish, thus making it the perfect modern and functional accessory for any user – male or female. Designed from double-stranded tear resistant fabric, this bag is also embedded with reflective-neon stripes which makes it visible in dark. Though, it sounds fancy but it’s actually a safety feature. Adding on, the bag’s main compartment is adjustable up to 180°, providing you with extra accessibility and comfort. This bag satisfy every requirement as a bag Bag for architecture student

3. Vaschy Unisex Classic Backpack

backpacks for architecture students

With small interior pockets with zipped pockets that can easily hold your laptop, this bag offers a clutter-free design to keep your things managed inside the bag. It has double padding on both shoulder straps and back side. To keep your laptop safe the bag is reinforced at bottom which adds to the life of backpack. Who wouldn’t want s long lasting backpack. Also, to reduce shrinking and tearing superior quality polyester is used in crafting this classic bag to improve the durability. Though heavy duty it is made from a lightweight material making it extremely comfortable to carry. It is also perfect for those who like to have a neat looking bag that’s wrinkle-resistant.

4. AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack

top bags for architects

Perfect for those who don’t like spending that extra buck on buying a new backpack. With just $28 you can get this budget bag. This bag provides you sufficient space to hold your essentials in an organized way. Backside of the bag is well padded to keep your laptop safe as well as your back in support. If you are a person that loves to carry all your gadgets like iPad, laptop, headphone, and more, than this bag is perfect fit for you.

5. SwissGear Travel Gear 1900

architecture student backpack

The Swissgear Travel Gear bag is designed with multiple pockets to organize your daily essentials like bottle, keys, sunglasses. With large zippers it provides a quick access to your laptop and other essentials. With its Airflow ventilation technology, it keeps you cool and breezy as well as provides extra comfort in summers. Made with heavy duty ballistic polyester it is perfect for heavy duty use. Additionally, like no other bag, this comes with a limited ten-year warranty.

6. Luxur Business Laptop Backpack

best backpacks for architecture students

Simple elegant and functional design that goes with any type of clothing style. This bag is ideal for both professionals and students whether you are going for work or travel. This bag is suitable for all occasions. Comes with a hidden anti-theft pocket to keep your valuables safe. To increase its durability bag is made of polyester fabric with qualities like scratch resistant. Perfect fit for those who love to ride bike to their school or office, comfortable to carry while riding bikes for long distances.

7. Leaper Thickened Canvas Backpack

bags for architecture students

Leaper offers you unique bag designed for everyone. With Leaper you get 28 design options to choose from, your own style of favourite bag. It is a perfect fit for students who loves a casual unique looking bag. If chic leather or trendy polyester is not your style, you should definitely try this new bag made of canvas. Its soft and padded straps are designed to provide you with extra comfort.

8. Kingsons Unisex Waterproof Backpack

Super-comfortable bag for every body type, specially for comfort to your back and shoulders. It comes with aerated layers of honeycomb mesh and padding to give you that lasting comfort. With a phone-holder on the shoulder pad, you are good to go while riding or taking a walk with your phone. Additional zip covers are provided to hide the zipper from pickpockets and protect it from external damage.

9. OSOCE Travel Laptop Backpack

top backpack for architects

This bag is heaven-sent for those who are extra cautious with their belongings. Its password lock feature enables you to keep your essentials safe. You can also keep your cards safe in the anti-theft pocket hidden in the shoulder strap. The best part of this bag is it comes with a 3-year warranty with complete replacement, in case you face any quality issues.  This bag would definitely suite those who love photography and carry their gadgets like camera, lenses in a organized manner and would also want to keep them safe. Check out the images for more detailed understanding.

10. DHK 18 Inch Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

Business bag for architects

If you love to receive compliments for your fashion sense and get heads turned than this bag is meant for you. Made from high quality leather with smooth zippers this bag is bound to grab attention. Enough space to carry your gaming laptop or the laptop you use to get high-end renders. Being a leather bag it is also a great option for gifting to your loved ones. However, we wouldn’t recommend this for people with allergies from leather.

I hope this list has been helpful, if you guys want detailed review of any bag, let us know in the comments below.

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Good luck!


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