Best Decorative Indoor Flower Pots

18 Affordable and decorative indoor flower pots

Building a new home or redecorating your place, planters and a touch of greenery is an essential feature for the interiors now a days. Planters or decorative indoor flower pots not only aesthetically appeal but also provide a breath of fresh air to your interiors, especially when the outdoors is getting polluted day by day.
However, deciding what indoor planters or flowerpots suit best your needs as well your interiors is tricky. But worry not. We have pulled out a selection of some thoughtfully curated decorative indoor planters that will suit your liking, go with your interior design decoration as well as fit your budget.

1. Trio Embossed Earthenware Planter

Trio Embossed Earthenware Planter

Ceramic planters are some of the most simple and efficient pieces as decorative indoor flower pots. These embossed earthenware planters or flowerpots are a classic piece for both indoors and outdoors. They come in a variety of colors as well as white, are low maintenance and they can add a pop of color to your interiors as well. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can choose as per your liking. Ceramic planters are easily available online on most retailer websites.

2. Santino Self Watering Planter
Santino Self Watering Planter

Santino pots are UV stabilized durable plastic planters that are reusable and are sustainable. There USP is there self-watering feature which can last up to 4 weeks. This is definitely great for those who are working or traveling and not at home to water their plants timely. Now this allows people with busy schedules to also have a green space within their interiors or exteriors. These self-watering decorative indoor flower pots are a great addition to any space. They have a classic design and come in a variety of colors like pastels and brown and will gel with any interior setting.

3. Self Watering Planter White Flower Pot

Self Watering Planter White Flower Pot

The Mkono white sturdy plastic planters and flowerpots with an elegant black rim look are another variety of self-watering planter that are attractive and fun looking. They are simple yet modern and the self-watering feature makes them stand out. The self-watering feature has a double layer design that allows for excess water storage in the bottom and keeps a regular supply to the plant as per its need while keeping its root healthy and fresh. However, the self-watering lasts for only 10 days and needs to be refilled.

4. Rectangle White Ceramic Succulent Planter Pots
long rectangle White Ceramic Succulent Planter Pots


If you are into more crisp shapes and lines, these rectangular ceramic classic planters are for you. They are minimalistic, modern with clean edges and are accompanied by a bamboo wood saucer plate, which also gives it a distinct appeal. They are light weight and come in a very handy size that can be used atop any surface like in the bedroom, kitchen or even bathrooms.

5. Classic whiskey barrel planter

Whiskey Barrel planter

If you are some one that prefers natural finishes indoors, they can look out for these attractive distressed oak wood whiskey barrel shaped decorative indoor flower pots or planters with a lining of antique metal. They have a high-density coating of resin that makes the planter extremely durable, weather resistant along with UV protection to prevent fading of colors. These planters are made to stand the test of time.
They will make for a style statement at your entrance hallway or lobby or even in your patios.

6. Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters

Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters

Ceramic planters or flowerpots with minimal detailing are a definite piece of statement. They can make any corner stand out. These ceramic indoor planter pots with fine gold and grey detailing will go with pastel and white interiors and would look extraordinary on wooden or glass tables or even on mantels. They are leak proof and will harmonize within your indoor setting beautifully.

7. Mid Century Wood Flower Pot With Stand

Mid Century Wood Flower Pot

If large statement pieces are your thing, these extremely sturdy, heavy-duty, durable and lightweight fiberstone planter along with acacia wooden mid-century planter stand with a walnut finish is for you. The fiberstone used in the planter is nothing like in the market. It can withstand drops or hits, is resistant to extreme or even harsh weather conditions with no fading or cracking due to heat or frost. There also comes in a built-in water catchment tray below to prevent messy drainage situations. Buy a variety of these to brighten up your space with shades of green and keep them for long with low maintenance.

8. Ceramic Hanging Planter for Indoor Plants

Ceramic Hanging Planter for Indoor Plants

If you are a fan of vines or creepers, you can get these hanging hand-glazed ceramic round decorative planters, painted with colors inspired by the nature around us. These hanging beauties are great for air plants or succulents. However, you can also experiment with different ferns or creepers. They feel like bringing nature right inside your homes. These sturdy and durable ceramic planters can hang from your ceiling or even your lintel and can be a beautiful adornment to any kitchen, entry way or living room.
Classy and natural looking, these decorative indoor flower pots are bound to spice up your décor and can be hung in any numbers or combinations of different shapes and sizes.

9. Desert Color Ceramic 4 Pot Set

Desert Color Ceramic 4 Pot Set

Another variety for those who love a pop of color are these dangling set of rustic desert color decorative indoor planters and flower holders. They bring a southwestern finish with them and are easily mountable on both wall and ceiling.
This hanging cluster of earth toned planters are perfect for adding a stylishly casual accent to verandas or trellises. They are easy to install and maintain and bring a sense of inviting charm to any indoor or outdoor living area. They come in a set of four colors and a matte glazed finish.

10. Geometric Vase Glass Vessel Hanging Planters

Geometric Vase Glass Vessel Hanging Planters

If colors aren’t your thing, then you can opt for these transparent glass plant holders. These are Irregular Geometric Vase Glass Vessel Hanging Planters Flowerpots. These indoor planters are subtle, minimalist and charming to any space like balcony, verandah, bedroom or any other living space. You can also use them to decorate your outdoors. They are great pieces for those who like attention to details. They are accompanied with ropes that can be used to hang them from your ceilings.

11. Boho Gold Metal Plant Hanger

Boho Gold Metal Plant Hanger

This boho gold/brass plated metal wall planter hanger is definitely a bold piece for your living space. If you like to make a wall statement piece that has a touch of nature within it then this decorative indoor planter piece is for you. It will bring a contemporary modern accent and charm to your space. You can not only use this as planter but also as a decorative piece at the office, patio, living room or bedroom. It comes with gold finished chain and hook support, which is strong, durable and secure.

12. Wall Bubble Terrariums Glass Bowl

Wall Bubble Terrariums Glass Bowl

If your design style is out of the box and unique, then these large oblique wall bubble terrarium glass bowl will fit perfectly in your indoor living space as a planter or flowerpot. They are made with high quality boron silicon glass which is extremely clear and bright. It can bring a unique sense of style and class to your interior decoration. The bowl can be adorned with pebbles, glass balls or even stones and can then be put up with small plants or even cactus for a different look.

13. Round Glass Wall Planter’ template

Round Glass Wall Planter

This wall mounted contemporary round glass planter with an iron casing is a beautiful modern and chic piece for indoors. Its industrial geometric design with neutral colors allows for an elegant and artful display of green plants and flowers. You can mount it with screws or wall hooks and is great for succulents, air plants, mini cactus or artificial faux plants. The piece has a nice visual appeal with its lipid clear glass which can be filled with different layers of a variety of materials and of varied colors. Also, the stabilized iron alloy rim with its powder coating ensures no leakage, no rust as well as lasting color. You can also use them in pairs or trios to display an array of plants or green elements.

14. Galvanized Metal Umbrella Hanging Wall Planter

Galvanized Metal Umbrella Hanging Wall Planter


This is a unique set of indoor decorative planters with an upside-down umbrella like shape made of galvanized zinc. It has a rustic charm to it and brings the countryside right into your house. It also instantly brings playfulness and fun to the decorated space both indoor and outdoors. These umbrella indoor planters are weather resistant, durable and maintains its beautiful colour and finish throughout. It can be hung using both the hook on the back or the curved handle rod.
Also, they can be used for multiple purposes apart from as a planter, i.e. as a key holder, or birdfeeder or even garden tool holder.

15. Vertical Garden Freestanding Elevated Planter

Vertical Garden Freestanding Elevated Planter

This vertical garden multi planter stand is for someone who likes to have their greenery all at one place. It also works best for people who have space constraints. It’s a perfect tight space solution for greenery in the indoors. It is ergonomically designed with sleek edges and defined rims and also comes with a cascaded drainage system. The raised garden bed with 4 planters is great for both indoors and outdoors. It will go really well in the balconies or patios. It is a unique piece for your interiors which is durable, resistant and lightweight.

16. Rectangular Small Flower Pot

Stainless Rectangular Small Planter

This 100% handmade rectangular stainless steel decorative indoor planter with an antique copper finish is for those who are stylish, chic and have a knack for contemporary pieces. It comes added with a custom-built drip tray beneath it. It has a luxurious and timeless feel to it and will bring charm to any indoor space like windows, mantel or even kitchen tops. This rectangular planter is of perfect size and can fit any location. It has intricate detailing with minimalist style and would blend in any decor or interior space. With greenery added to it will be a mood setter and stress reliever within any space in the house.

17. Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase

geometrical wall mounted planters

This Trigg original geometric vessel planter is an elegant ornamental piece which lifts up any indoor space and brings in a contemporary charm. Its catchy gold frame is attractive and makes for a great style statement for any interior design space.
It is a ceramic/Concrete resin material in a gold-plated diamond shaped wire frame. Multiple of them can be clubbed together to form various wall patterns and compositions. It is a versatile décor planter that will liven up any space and can be used anywhere for plants, flowers and storage of supplies or knickknacks.

18. Mandalas Pattern Cylinder Ceramic Planter for Cactus

Mandala flower pots

For those who love a boho chic look to their living or working space these Mandalas Pattern Cylinder Ceramic Planter are a great choice. They are available in a variety of patterns and design to suit all tastes and likes. The planter pots are made of kaolin and are of high strength along with intricately done patterns that do not fade over time. They are also accompanied with cylindrical bamboo trays that give them a defined look and are functional to hold drained water.

They are an eye catching decor piece for your plants and flowers as well as your interior space.

Frequently Asked Questions On Planters

Are ceramic pots good for plants?

Earthenware pots are the best option for plants or flowers. Since ceramic pots are also made out of clay they provide good water movement as well as ample air exchange due to its porosity for the plants inside. However, Glazed ceramic pots may not provide the same functions as unglazed ceramic pots.

How do you take care of potted plants?

The first step to take good care of potted plants is to choose the right kind of pot. Choosing the right pot is crucial to your plant’s longevity and health. The pot allows your plant to breath and grow well if selected wisely and maintained properly.
Next providing a drainage hole beneath the pot is also essential as too much water can also ruin your potted plants. Alo, the soil mix along with the manure should be well researched for your potted plants to allow for good growth of plants. Finally, choosing the right plant for the pot is also essential as each plant has its growing range and capacity that would require pots of different shapes or sizes. With these few steps for caring for your potted plants, you are good to go.

Are plastic pots good for plants?

Plastic pots do not come with the same porosity of that of a ceramic or earthen pot that provides a health environment with easy water and air movement for the plant to grow. However, plastic pot tends to be good for plants that have higher water needs. Also, plastic planters tend to be lightweight and strong making them a good choice for heavy duty needs.

Do Amazon sell plants?

Yes, amazon sells over 30,000 varieties of all kinds of trees, plants, succulents, shrubs, medicinal herbs, cactus, fruits and flowering plants, vines, grass as well as seeds. There selection is quite varied and pretty much covers everything you need. Along with plants they also sell a to z of everything required for potting plants or gardening like tools, manure, plant medicines and other necessities. There delivery is efficient and of quality without any damage to the plant or the pot.

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