Drawing storage tubes

I remember my days as an architecture student. The thing I hated the most about being an architecture student, was the type of architect supplies, I had to carry. A number of sheets (used and blank both), set square, parallel bar and bag for other art supplies. It used to be so hard to even walk sometimes with so many things. Things got a bit better when we were allotted our personal lockers to keep things, which were used daily. But, we still used to carry sheets in every condition and weather.
In the beginning, we all just used to just roll the whole bundle of the sheets and carry them in our hands, without worrying about the dirt, marks, folds and tears. Then there was the doomsday when one of our faculties scolded us for the condition of our sheets and said we are raping our sheets, by letting them be in such bad conditions!! (Metaphorically, of course).
The best solution to keep sheets in good condition was to use drawing storage tube, it still is. Drawing storage tubes can be used efficiently for storing sheets, artwork, drawings, posters maps and more than that. It holds rolled sheets and protects sheets from dirt, marks, folds and tears as well as from the weather conditions while making them mobile. These tubes come in various sizes, means they can fit anywhere, in a locker or any other small place. Anyone, who wants to transport their artwork, these tubes work perfectly for them; be it architecture students, architects, engineers or the art school students. 

Here is our pick of best drawing storage tubes available on Amazon, with best reviews:

1. Large black telescoping drafting tube

LARGE Black Telescoping Drafting Tube

This poster carrying tube protects contents from creasing and bending as it is made of very rigid plastic. It is water resistant and it comes with an extra-long shoulder strap as it can be converted to large plastic storage tube. It can expand from 30 3/4″ up to 51″ and this makes it ideal for almost everything. Be it sheets, posters, maps, large photo prints, artwork, drumsticks or anything else which comes to your mind. You will find this large storage tube in almost every art supplies store because of its wide range of usage. This is the one I own, it’s expandable size makes it perfect sheets/ artworks of any size (even for A1 size).

2. DEWEL Document Storage Tube

Poster Tube with Strap Plastic Expanding Poster Tube

This “drawing storage tube” is expandable and could expand from 24.5″ up to 40″, which is actually less than large black telescoping drafting tube but it comes with unique lock design. It can be twisted and locked according to the arrow signs on this poster holder tube. It has an adjustable belt so that it can be comfortably used when expanded. Plus point of this tube is that it has a removable transparent lid which lets you label or put identification on it. 7 colours options are available in this strong and lightweight tube.

3. Nozlen Document Poster Tube

Nozlen Document Poster Tube

This super affordable tube comes in 5 colours, which expands from 24.5″ up to 40″. It is considered ideal for architecture students, architects, artists and poster collectors. This tube-like other is water resistant and with a long strap. This tube has a lid with a contact card so that the contents of the tube can be easily labelled. The tube is rigid and smooth on both sides for protecting its contents. You can stuff as many sheets/posters as you have and it will show no sign of wear or tear.

4. Alvin Storage and Transport Tube

Alvin Storage and Transport Tube

This tube comes in 5 colours as well as the transparent tube is also a product of theirs. Instead of some rigid plastic, it is made of transparent PVC. Funky and fancy at the same time. This tube cannot be expanded like others and has one end of the cap sealed. Like others, it has versatile storage too and can be used by architects and artists. This would be our pick for you, you want to keep things upbeat.

5. Juvale Plastic Storage Tube

Juvale Plastic Storage Tube

This tube comes in just yellow colour making it easy to locate, plus it is actually a nice product. It is durable and water resistant. It can be extended up to 40.25″, making it perfect for architects, artists, or hobbyists. It comes with an adjustable strap and with a contact card on the lid, to label the contents of the tube. It is also very light to carry around.


No matter, how ugly you find these tubes; trust me, this is going to be your lifesaver. Even if you are super careful, there are chances; your sheet/artworks might end up in pretty bad shape. These tubes won’t even save them from weather conditions (rain or sun), but also from the random wear and tear while traveling with them.

These “drawing storage tubes” can be used perfectly as portfolio tubes by artists to carry their artwork. The products discussed above are best-reviewed items in the category, but many people prefer to use a portfolio folder case instead of them.
In portfolio folder cases sheets are not rolled like tubes, they stay plain/flat, making them more presentable. They come in many sizes, which means they can’t be stored anywhere. Their size increases as the size of the sheet, you want to store, increases. They open flat for display and has a handle with a shoulder strap to carry around. They have extra storage space with multiple pockets inside and outside.
In a nutshell, this is also one of the options to carry sheets or art workaround, but it is not as efficient and storage friendly as ‘drawing storage tubes’. Do comment below, if you want us to review portfolio folder cases or any other architect supply for that matter. We will have a detailed review of it, with the best products available and reviewed on Amazon for you.

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