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Have you ever wondered to yourself what gift to buy for an architect and turned up empty? Well, look no further, because the following is a compiled list of gift ideas for architects and designers, tailored to their choices, needs, and lifestyle. From gifts that celebrate, support, and occasionally satirize architecture to those they’ll truly use and appreciate, this list contains all. 

Architects and designers are the easiest (and also the weirdest) people to buy gifts for as there are just so many fields that they are aligned with. So here it is, your go-to guide for gifts for the architects in your life. 

Category 1: Stationary

Drawing Pencils for architects

Staedtler Drawing Pencils: Staedtler drawing/ coloring pencils are the must-have tools for drawing and sketching, meaning all good things that architects are obsessed with. These make for a fun and easy gift idea for architects that allows them to be their most creative selves.

Fountain pens for architects

Sketch Markers and Fountain Pens: It’s safe to assume that collecting sketch markers and different kinds of pens is every architect’s favorite hobby. Add more joy to their lives, and gift them some premium fountain pens and unique sketch markers.

Diary for architects

Diary: We can personally vouch for the fact that architects and designers have many thoughts and ideas during the day, but without a way to record them, they lose almost all of them. Prevent this from happening by gifting them a diary. Even better, get them the one with their name on it.

Professional Markers for architects

Professional Markers: High-quality, professional markers can give a very expert-like look and feel to the basic sketches and designs. It is a type of gift for architects that you can be absolutely sure they’ll love and use.

Model Making and Sculpting Kits

Model Making and Sculpting Kits: A great gift idea for architects and interior designers, model making and sculpting kits will push them to try new things by indulging in a meaningful and creative activity. For them, it may very well be the beginning of creating original masterpieces.

Drafting Board for architecture students

Drafting Board: The only companion during late night hours, a makeshift dining table for meals, and a portable bed for “short” naps, a drafting board plays many roles in an architect’s life. It is undeniably an ideal gift for an architecture student, given they do not already own one.

Desk Organizer for designers

Desk Organizer: Bring some organization to an architect’s otherwise unorganized life by gifting them some aesthetic organizers. From pens and markers to tools and sheets, an organizer can be used in multiple ways. So be rest assured, they’ll be using them for a long time.

Fineliners for architects

Fineliners: Architects and designers run out of fineliners like kids run out of pencils. Gift them a set of quality fineliners and add to the tens, if not hundreds of other pens, because clearly, the existing ones are not close to being enough.

Blackwing Pencils

Blackwing Pencils: A household name amongst artists and designers, Blackwing pencils can not only draw a rich dark line but also produce a fine point. Gift this to the architects and designers in your life and trust us, they will thank you every time they use these!

Different Types of Papers for Sketches and Journals: Architects proudly explore and work with different media, which is why different types of papers make for a fitting gift choice. These can be very handy while practicing their drawings or simply sketching and journaling. 

Sheets: When in doubt about what gift to buy for an architect, get them different types of sheets from the wide variety of options to choose from. Considering the number of sheets an architect has to draft, be sure to gift them plenty!

Category 2: Digital Software

Software Subscription: If you have ever wondered what gift to buy for an architect that will be valuable to them in the long run, getting them a subscription to their favorite software will certainly do the trick. It’s a gift they’ll most appreciate, not just today but every day.

Architecture and Design Software with a License key: One of the best gifts for architecture students is gifting them software with its license key. Besides being extremely helpful in their studies, it is also a sure-shot way to get you into their good books. 

Spotify Subscription: Whether it is for playing lo-fi beats while studying or listening to fast-paced songs for keeping the energy up late at night, a Spotify subscription will always be their go-to, making a subscription an excellent gift for designers.  

Netflix Subscription: A monthly subscription to Netflix for architects surely comes in handy while watching architecture and design-related documentaries, but even more so when needing an escape from back-to-back submissions or relaxing after a long viva. Also, there’s little doubt that they’ll be reminded of you every time they watch anything. 

Category 3: Books

Architecture book

Architecture Books: Books can be a resourceful gift for architects and interior designers by providing unique and deep insights about design that may not be available anywhere else. Find books that will instruct, advise and inspire because no architect can ever have enough reference books.

An inspiring book written by an Architect: Learning about famous architects and their journey with architecture can be refreshing and motivating. Such inspiring books are really thoughtful gifts for young architects. Undoubtedly, becoming their best friend!

The Fountainhead: This novel by Ayn Rand about a young architect, who battles against conventional standards and refuses to compromise will help them form their own opinions and teach them to stand their ground. Definitely a gift they will keep coming back to.

Category 4: Gadgets

Ipad for architects

iPad Pro: Another screen to spend their time on and fall in love with, an iPad Pro is probably on every architect’s wish list. With its extraordinary features, architects can save time, smoothen their workflow and increase their productivity. It’ll also open new avenues for learning new skills and software. This is truly a game-changer and one of the best gift ideas for architects. 

laptop for architects

Laptop with Pre-installed Architecture and Design Software: Nothing gets an architect as excited as seeing architecture and design software pre-installed on a new laptop. It almost feels like half of their work is done before they even started. It’s a gift and an effort they will greatly appreciate. 

Headphones for architects

Headphones: Assuming they do not have enough versions of this already, headphones are a useful tech item to gift any architect. Necessary for times they want to tune somebody out in public or blast their party playlist to release some of that stress, a good pair of headphones is a must-have.

Tablet with Stylus: Any tech device that makes an architect or designer’s life easier is immediately added to the favorites list. One such gadget is a tablet with a stylus. It makes drawing and designing easier, faster, smoother (and also better in some ways). It is an excellent gift for designers that’ll impress any architecture fanatic. 

Harddrive for architects

External Hard Drive: With heavy software setups, large 2D and 3D files, and gazillion site pictures, architects almost always run out of space in their devices. An external hard drive is a handy, dependable choice, making it to this list of gifts for architects. Remember, no amount of storage is too much storage. 

Desktop for architects

Desktop: A Personal Computer is an architect’s ride or die, whether for working on heavy files or rendering a highly detailed 3D Model. For any architect, receiving a PC is no less than receiving a gift from heaven and totally worth the high price. 

Graphics Card: With increased performance, richer visual experience, and better working conditions for software, there’s no gift for designers more befitting than a graphics card. It makes working on a computer much more of a joyful ride.

lightweight laptop for architecture student

Lightweight Laptop: Laptops are special to architects, but heavy laptops are the bane of their existence. The constant back pain from carrying it around all day long along with the difficulty to use makes lightweight laptops an ideal choice for gift ideas for architects. 

Printer: If you are looking to make an architect’s life easier, gift them a printer to help print the endless amount of sheets. It’ll save them time and money with the added benefit of not having to make a rushed, undesired trip to the printing shop on submission day. 

Alarm Clock: The ultimate funny gift for architects, an alarm clock is just like that nagging friend that wakes them up after their late-night shenanigans and keeps them on schedule for morning classes they don’t want to go to. Sounds perfect, right?

Category 5: Apparels

Merchandise: Almost all architects and architecture students love flaunting their quirks and sharing inside jokes, making architecture merchandise is a great gift idea for architects. “Archi” life-inspired cups, posters, décor, and stickers are bound to make them feel special.

Black Scarf: Whether they agree to it or not, black is low-key the favorite color of every architect, and who doesn’t enjoy wearing a scarf? Gift them a black scarf and they will style it with every outfit, every day!

Funny Architecture T-shirts: Funky t-shirts with architectural humor are the ultimate funny gift idea for architects. With satirical quotes, sketches or remarks, these will not only make them stand out in a crowd, but also keep the excitement alive in their lives.

Category 6: Tools

Measuring device for architect

Measuring Instruments: A good set of measuring instruments is something all architects need but never own. This is why tools like a measuring tape or a laser distance measurer make for a useful and unique gift for architects and architecture students. 

Drafting Tools: Is an architect even an architect without tons of drafting tools always by their side? A great gift for architecture students, drafting tools show them how much you already or would love to know about their work.  

Category 7: Experiential Gifts

Meeting with famous Architects: For every architect, meeting their favorite/ famous architect and having a conversation with them is a dream come true. It is a gift for young architects that they’ll cherish for years and years to come. 

Spa and Massage: An ideal gift for an architect girlfriend/boyfriend, a nice spa and massage day is a welcome distraction after a stressful day of work. This gift from you will certainly make their day and bring a million-dollar smile to their face. 

Vacation: After spending hours drafting a single sheet, and working on a computer for days on end, a vacation might just be the best thing to ever happen for any designer. It’ll give them a much-needed break and help them to relax and unwind. Our advice? Start planning already. 

True Love: Whether in the form of appreciation or true emotional connection, love is the greatest, most priceless gift anyone can give or receive. Be thankful for the architects and designers present in your life, be there for them to fall back on you on hard days, and appreciate them every moment of every day. Shower them with love because trust us, they need it!

Category 8: Miscellaneous

Plants: When thinking of gifts for landscape architects, bringing some plants for their studio/workspace can be a great idea. These will brighten up their space and help them get right out of the occasional creative rut. 

Adobe Gift Card: The perfect memorable gift for architects and designers who live far away, an Adobe gift card will give them a subscription and access to the latest updates and software to realize every one of their ideas and thoughts. An excellent approach to send reminders of your love their way. 

Ground Coffee: It is a universally recognized fact that architects pretty much run on caffeine and this gift of ground coffee will indeed be their savior for the countless late nights and droopy early mornings.

Pillow: Although sleep is often a luxury for them, a pillow is a great gift for architects. Be it sleeping after the Sun’s already up or simply taking a “nap” on the drafting board, a pillow is a must-have. 

Silicone Gel Eye Mask: An ideal albeit funny gift for architects, a silicone gel eye mask will help soothe their tired eyes after long hours of working and sitting in front of a computer screen. 

And that is it. Those are all the gift ideas for architects and designers that they will truly love and appreciate. Receiving and using these items shall bring lots of happiness and joy in their lives, so keep gifting!

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