gifts for architects and students

Gifts for architects and architecture students

Tired of boring gift ideas for architects? Here is a cool list for some unique gifts for architects which they will love to use.

In today’s world the best way to connect to people is by exchanging gifts. On the one hand where giver expresses his feelings and emotions, on the other hand receiver of the gifts receives the emotions and love, making a strong connection between them. Plus, it’s the best way to make someone happy. But the question is what to gift someone, especially while thinking about gifts for architects and designers? The main thing to keep in mind is to think from their perspective, what would they want or need. (Pro tip: get them as weird things as you can find in the market, they will love them).

These gifts will save their time, inspire you to be more productive and make their life easier and fun. Some of these gift will help architects boost their creativity. Whether you are looking for a gift for special occasion like birthday, anniversaries or holiday, these gift ideas will help you to stand out and will also be a decent present option for architects.

In this post we are sharing a list, with unique and cool gifts for Architecture students and professionals.

Gifts are not just meant to be kept on selves or desks, but should be something that the receiver can enjoy and be of use in his/her daily life. In this post i have listed products from low to high price so everyone can decide according to their budget and keep their loved ones happy.

The list of gift that i put together something that I use for both my personal and professional life and I think you will love it too.

1. Personalized things

Personalized gifts for architects

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So, who doesn’t love personalized things (cups, t-shirts and much more). This actually shows that you actually tried hard to make it special for them. I found this decent and sleek t-shirt which has #architect, of course you can get something else written as gifts for architecture lovers.

2. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

A must-have for Architects to keep clients requirements or measurements on cloud. You can save your notes to google docs, drobox, iCloud, Evernote, box, and email. If you hate using traditional notebooks and against paper waste, than this smart notebook is perfect alternative for paper. This notebook renew itself in microwave oven in minutes.

3. CableDrop


CableDrop is the best way to keep you laptop, mobile or other extra cords organised and anchored at once place. They are small and can hold upto 4 cables. Cabledrop is a wonderful way to keep your cables managed and organised. You can attach this product any where on your desk or wall according to your needs. A perfect way to make your desk clutter free.

4. Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse

Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse

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I love this thing! The Zscan wireless scanner mouse makes it easy to scan your documents. I also use it for scanning sheets and drawings, this devices helps you save a lot of time. Not only does it scan documents but also you can use it to Scan to Speech or Scan to Translate for instant translations.

5. reMarkable – The Paper Tablet

reMarkable - The Paper Tablet

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The reMarkable paper tablet is the ideal gift for a designers or even those who like to sketch regularly. Architects like me love it due to its handy size and long battery life.You can use it in the dark. This device can replace your notebooks or printouts. Reading and writing on this device both feels like you are using paper.

6. Portable Wi-Fi Mini Projector

FSmart Portable Wi-Fi Mini Projector

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This portable Wi-Fi mini projector is the perfect device to pack in your bags for a presentation or meeting. It’s powerful, useful and small. Architects can use this projector on sites incase of quick presentation to their clients. This one is portable and small, so it won’t take up too much room in your bag.

7. Inflatable Lounge Chair

Inflatable Lounge Chair

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An Inflatable is a great gift for architects those who love to travel. Inflates in Seconds Whip it around in a circle, roll and connect, it’s ready to use in seconds. Pack it in your bag or keep it in your car, take it to your construction site so you can relax and enjoy the work. This inflatable chair designed to supports your back and body. It’s so light and compact, you can literally take it anywhere.

8. Bosch Bluetooth Laser Distance and Angle Measurer

Bosch Bluetooth Laser Distance and Angle Measurer

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A good set of measurement tools is always useful for architects. The Bosch laser distance is the next best thing. Bluetooth feature makes it more convenient to use and transfer measurements from the laser measurer to a smart device using mobile app. This device is capable in measuring volume, area, length and angle.

9. Tile Key Finder


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Gift this to your architect friend and they will love it. Smart and affordable, cost just $30. We all have a friend who keep losing their wallets or keys, this one is the perfect gift for them. This small device helps you to keep your keys, wallet, bags, etc. so that you can find them when they’re lost. You can find your lost items just with a push of a button.

10. Back Posture Corrector

Back Posture Corrector

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A back posture is a gift to cherish for an architect. It’s a lifelong utility item. This back posture corrector will never let their back hurt while working long hours on computers or while drafting.

11. Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

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What’s the best type of gift for Architect?

Answer: One that keeps your coffee hot!
With this mug you can keep your coffee or tea at the ideal temperature. For those who like to enjoy their work and coffee together, this mug can keep your coffee hot for an hour. You can customize the temperature to enhance your drinking experience. Just pour coffee to ember mug and enjoy your work, read books or watch Netflix.

12. Funky jewelry
gift for architect girlfriend or wife

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What can be better than having a funky piece of jewellery because we architects love to have a expressive dressing style (be it funky or bold). You will see almost architect or architecture student experimenting with the looks. Here I found this awesome neck piece, a colour palate, a perfect gift for architect girlfriend.

13. Wooden Watch
wrist watch for architects

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This is a perfect gift, architect or not. Come in various designs and prices. So you won’t have hole in your pocket after getting it. Plus, it’s a great statement piece and lifts up any outfit very quickly. It can be a perfect gift for architect boyfriend/ girlfriend.

14. Clock
table clock for architect

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We architects are always, like always, running late and there is nothing better than a clock or an alarm clock. Like watches these come in various designs too.

15. Abstract Bowls
creative gift for archiects

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Well this is for a foodie, a thing to keep food in and artistic at the same time. This is one of unique gifts architects, would love. And if not eat in it, just keep it, it can be a perfect showpiece too.

16. Rotring 600 Drafting Pencil
Drafting Pencil for architect
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Well! Gifting an architect something like this, will make them realize how much you know or would love to know about their field. Because we architects need drafting pencils on daily basis, we need to draft a lot of sheets.

17. Sketchbook/Notebook
notebook for architect

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We actually have a thing for stationary items, I think I have splurged a lot of money on it this it. And if that person loves to paint, buy Moleskine Sketchbook, buy it, buy it. It is a must have item with an architecture student or an architect or designer. Otherwise you can get some good quality notebook too.

18. Architecture Books
book gift for architects

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Always in fashion, pick a new one or an old one, when in doubt just pick a book. We actually have a proper article for you on books, from where you can choose read more about best architecture books or get 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School, as this books has all the basic things an architect might need to revise time to time.

19. Professional Sketching Set
color pencil markers for architects

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If that friend of yours is into sketching, you have found the gift of the year for them. Because these kits have everything they can wish for. Variety and range, at the same time. Trust me; they will keep it as a treasure.

20. Architectural Model Accessories
Architectural Model Accessories

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Now, just tell me, who doesn’t love model accessories, considering they are hard to find sometimes and they can uplift any architectural model in a second. One the other hand, they are so tiny and cute and SUPER CHEAP.

21. 3D Printing Pen
3D Printing Pen for architects

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This is perfect for that friend of yours, you have a futuristic approach, because in just mere seconds, that person will be able to see the output (of course a tiny prototype, but come on). Take my word and buy it. Your friend will love it (and thank me later)

22. Minimal paintings
paintings for architects

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Designers/ architects are known for their good imagination, then why not gift them something elegant and classy plus food for their imagination. Get minimal print of famous buildings or anything else that they might like.

You can buy them online or sketch them yourself (they will love them more)

23. World Map
unique gift for architects

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Ah! Traveling. I haven’t found a single designer/architect, who isn’t into traveling. And what can be a perfect gift for such person? A world map! Not a typical one, of course. So, go. Get something like that. Plus we have an article about different places an architect must visit, because you can actually plan a trip for them. Read more on best places to visit in India.

24. Anti-Theft Bag

best bags for architecture students

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At the present time, where cell phones are bigger than palm size and pockets are smaller than a coin size (forget that! Girls don’t even have that leverage, i mean which mastermind had this idea of girl’s jeans, without pockets!! ). A bag is a must. Just put everything in, from paper to plane, everything. So, we have a whole article dedicated, just for you. Go on and explore your options. Read our post on 10 best bags for architecture students and architects.

So, this is it, our list of gifts for architects, of course there are many other options because in the end it is all about you and that person. And nobody knows better than you, what they are going to like or love. So, just with your heart and pick something special for them.

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