Learn How to travel as an architect

How To Travel As An Architect

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.  Discover.” These words are by a well-known American writer, publisher Mark Twain. And I think, these are not just about traveling, these are about life too, anyway coming to the point that how to travel as an architect.

In the present times where everyone is in a rat race of earning and succeeding, people are forgetting themselves. One the one hand traveling will give you a new perspective to everything on the other you will meet people from different places and different fields and who doesn’t want such good connections. Such list of mine is actually long and weird; I have met struggling writers, retired businessmen, entrepreneurs, students, of course, everyone with their dreams and experiences, sharing and exploring.

Now the questions are why an architect or student should (must) travel? Do architects travel the world? Do architects travel for work? If you are not convinced yet by all the reasons I gave you above, I will give more, that too valid ones from architecture and income point of view.

  • Exposure: Traveling will open you up; you will have fresh ideas and be inspired, by the places, landscapes, cultures and everything else. You will get to know how people are living in really hot deserts and how difficult life is in mountains. all this will be reflected in your work, making you an empathetic designer with whom clients will connect easily
  • Knowledge: Be it different terrains, different construction materials or just culture of some places. This leads to an edge in an architect’s work. Imagine how good you will be at designing when you have some idea of that place’s culture and specific construction technique and if not that, you can always introduce some new things to a place(no one would know, trust me).
  • Learning new forms and styles of architecture: My favorite! So, basic features of any building or structure which are notable and historically identified are characterized as an architectural style. Be its Islamic architecture, colonial, vernacular, rock-cut actually the list is long. Different architecture styles always amused me; it’s more like stepping into a different world altogether and experiencing a different era.

For more detailed information about different architectural styles in India, here I have something for you (Places that every architect must visit)

I think in the beginning it was more of a problem for me to even think about how to travel as an architect or a student. One, because I didn’t have much interest in traveling. Second, as a girl, I never got permissions (duh!). But as Michael Palin said, “when the traveling bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life”. When I went on my first trip, to Prashar Lake (Mandi, Himachal Pradesh), this traveling thing triggered in me, snow-capped mountains, houses built in Kath khuni architecture style and a calm place. You know the worst part, the traffic there; there were sheep on the road, like hundreds of them(phew!). Even thinking about that time makes me happy, and trust me you would love to have such experiences.

As a whole, the picture was different now, problems I discussed before were not even problem. The major problems that a person faces while planning to travel are money and time. The most fakol solution that can be for these problems is to save money and set priorities. But this is it, go through these specific sites and explore your options.
architect travel job

  1. Save money, avoid unnecessary buys. Read more about saving money for travel on this airtreks blog
  1. Be a freelancer , that is an option too . Well! What is better than being your own boss.(write architecture travel blog, take a job that offers travel, building photographer, there are many travel opportunities for architects though. There are many sites which you can refer for that.
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Envato Studio
  • PeoplePerHour
  1. Become a travel influencer and take up architect travel job. Read more on how to become a travel influencer
  1. Participate in competitions which offer prize travel tour and student sponsorship, you might end up having offers of international architecture jobs. To explore more about architecture competitions visit here.
  2. And and and have a bucket list, it’s just to keep you motivated for future travel plans.

Plus you can know more about how to manage time and expenses from many travel influencers, who actually left their corporate jobs and took took different carrier path. Be it Shivya nath , a girl from a small town of Uttrakhand  who left her corporate job and sold off everything she owned almost 7 years back and is on road ,traveling , exploring and sharing. She recently launched her book regarding her experiences as a full time traveler named The Shooting Star. Or  Garrett and jessica ( they go by the name of The Bucket List Family) , who along with their 3 kids are on the road for quite a time(though I wonder how are they going to manage their kids’s studies or they might end up home schooling them). People like these actually give me travel goals.

Summing up the universal truth here that traveling  is awesome but more awesome is to travel for work ( and then to get traveling architect salary). So, pack your bag and get out of the door because after me explaining how to travel as an architect, get ready for the change.

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