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Non architecture jobs for architects

Architecture is a multi-disciplinary profession. You might stereotype architects as ‘building designers’ or ‘map makers’, but they are a lot more than that. An architect can be described as a ‘creative human being, trained to solve problems in the easiest, most functional and effective manner’. They simply put on their thinking caps and use their skills to overcome all sort of challenges. These qualities make an architect, a potential candidate for several other non-architecture jobs.
non architecture jobs for architects
The world of the internet and social media has revolutionized everything. It has escalated the communication of ideas and experience; which has helped the professionals (architects) to understand that following their passion or interest (different from core architecture) can be a feasible career option. The easy access to information has a deep influence on how architects perceive their role. The introduction of the digital world has affected the profession, by permitting young professionals to discover new opportunities. These fresher and young professionals now have a wide range of alternative career options to choose from.
Graphics and illustrations are the most basic tools of communication in architecture. Architecture schools might lack in providing business knowledge, but they sure manage to develop a high degree of visual understanding among students. The architecture study programme teaches students to use their artistic skills like sketching, drawing, etc. which enhances their visual conceptualization and communication abilities. The architects or architecture students can simply use these creative abilities to design logos, posters, backdrops, wallpapers etc. Hence graphics design is a suitable career change option for architects.
Clicking pictures on a cell phone is not called photography, but the introduction of social media has given photography a completely new meaning. It is no more a creative profession, which requires trained professionals with a unique and wide perspective. In 2018 photography is all about clicking a new picture and sharing them on various social media platforms. An architect can easily manage to become a successful photographer. Years of education and training teaches architects or architecture students to see and perceive things differently. They are trained to analyze everything in their surroundings and visualize it in a distinct way. The architects are even trained to click pictures of site areas, buildings, structures etc. for their professional and academic projects. All these traits and qualities will produce a great photographer out of an architect. So if you are bored from by monotonous drafting and cad work; I suggest you shift to photography. You can easily use social media like instragram, facebook , snapchat etc as a platform to share your work with a wide range of audience in no time. Plus a good piece of work will easily fetch you a good sum of money.
Just like Architecture, writing is a profession that requires knowledge and creativity. So, in my opinion, a successful architect can easily turn out to be a successful writer. These days it’s noticed that young professional often experience early burnout. These people can easily choose writing as an alternate career option. Not only will it give them a break from monotony, but it will also help them to explore an alternate creative side of themselves. A lot of architects have managed to break out from their regular desk jobs to write books about their the field of art and architecture, for example, Le Corbusier, Norman Foster, Frank Gehry etc. All of them have written books about their work and experience. Architects can also work for architectural magazines or websites as creative content writers. Some of the magazines and websites that provide a writing platform for architects are – Architecture digest, denzeen, arcdaily, skyscraper page etc.
Completing an architecture project normally takes a lot of time. It also demands a new and unique approach with each and every client. The professionals, who have identified the significance of streamlining their work, know that productizing design can effectively improve the business success rate. An architect can easily become a successful product designer if he continues to follow the productizing design approach. The Grizzle and Jonathan Junkers now the proud owners of GreyPant are the perfect example of an architecture firm that successfully expanded their business in the field of product design.
The 5 years of education and years of training can easily result in burnouts. As result architects are always looking for alternate careers options. According to me, blogging can be considered a good career change option for architecture graduates. Blogging is one of the most popular methods of interacting with the community. An architect or architecture student can easily share their thoughts, views, concepts or ideas via blogs. Plus a good blog can always help you to earn some extra cash.
A consulting architect is a perfect second career for any architect. A consulting architect is an independent body that works along with architecture firms, interior designers etc. As licensed professionals, architects can easily work as a consulting body. These consultants are usually responsible for producing creative and functional design solutions according to the needs of a client. A master’s degree holder can be hired as a specialist for a specific task. For example – An architect with masters in conservation can act as a consultant in a conservation project.
Visualization has always been a difficult task in the profession of architects. These artists spend countless hours creating a realist visual representation of the designs and concepts. This is a popular career change option for professional architects. The best architecture visualization artists are the professionals who have shifted their interest from design aspects to its representation. These professionals understand both the technical and artistic value of an architecture project. As a result, they easily manage to communicate their design using drawing, sketches and photo-realistic imagery. Some of the most popular architecture visualization firms are brickvisuals, CL3VER, Giles Miller and Forbes Massie etc.
After years of education freshers may rethink of architecture as a second career. For these people, teaching can be a good career option. Not only will you stay connected with the field, but you will also get an opportunity to share your knowledge and wisdom with the upcoming generation. The basic job of an architectural faculty is to teach the young ones about creative problem-solving techniques.
Getting a Bachelors or Master in architecture is not going to bind to this field. Rather it’s going to shower you with a wide range of career options to choose from. So think wisely and switch (just to get a break from a monotonous life). Read our post on How to figure out your career after graduating from an architecture college?

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