Choosing a University Abroad For masters in Architecture & Design

6 Steps to choosing a university abroad for architecture & design

1. Decide Your Subject

Based on your previous education and your recent experience, you should choose a line that suits your interest best. Also, make sure the subject aligns with what you want to pursue in the future and should also provide you with usable skills. Deciding on your subject is the first step. It could be a general degree or a specialized one. Once you are sure what you want to study you can select universities accordingly. As it might be possible that not all universities offer that subject.

2. Be True to Your Passion

It is utmost essential that you select a foreign university or study something that you are completely sure about and have the will and desire to successfully complete it. You should be invested in studying that subject abroad with all your heart and soul. As foreign studies are rigorous as well as financially exhaustive. So, you should be prepared to enjoy the journey.

3. Conduct Extensive Research

As mentioned, foreign university can be cost intensive as well as is a life changing experience. So, before finalizing the university, you should thoroughly research it via all sources and means available like the internet, brochures, international offices or if possible, even by visiting the university. This not only allows you to understand your choice better but allows you to understand other factors like university costs, location, ranking, teaching quality and so on.

4. Identify Your Personal Requirements

Identifying and listing your personal requirements for deciding on a foreign university not only narrows down your search but it also allows to find the right fit for you.
Personal requirements could be anything from university ranking, geography, country, financial options, tuition fees, scholarships, living costs, application requirements or placement opportunities. Find out and shortlist these requirements one by one with help of the research you will conduct to arrive at your desired list of universities.

5. Attend Education Fairs and University Open Days

Once you have decided on your requirements and have done substantial research you should be able to formulate either a longlist or a shortlist of universities. You can then further delve deeper in to understanding these foreign universities via the international education or university fairs organized in your country. You can also attend University open days where you can go around the university and speak with the people inside to learn more. This will definitely be worth your time and you will able to make a more informed decision.

6. Interact with Students and Alumni

Finally, when you have limited universities on your hand to chose from, you can go around interacting with students and alumni. This can be done both online and offline. Online you can use platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, StudentRoom, etc. and join online groups to connect with them. Many university websites also have options to interact with current students which you can use to your benefit. Finally, offline you can visit the university’s international office and connect with the alumni or the country representative to know more and get personalized advice.

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