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Which book is best for NATA preparation?

Apex Publications Complete Self Study Material Kit for NATA and JEE-Arch


This self study material package combines all of the necessary NATA syllabus into one. The edition is complete with the latest syllabus, sketch book, practice tests and NATA study material. It doesn’t stop there. It also includes hand sketching tips from human proportions to various geometrical shapes. You also get more familiar with History of Architecture which will help with your general aptitude part.

This study material offers authentic sample examination papers directly. The benefit of this? Well, they’re exactly like the real exam. It contains Mathematics Practice Test Series of 10 Tests and around 600 Questions with answers and explanations. In addition, an introduction to all syllabus modules and the overall scoring system, and a comprehensive section of answers. With this students have access to facility of free evaluation of sketches.

NATA Preparation Book

Product description

Why Apex Publications Complete Self Study Material Kit for NATA and JEE-Arch?

  • Self study material kit containing all subjects’ books as per latest NATA and JEE-Arch syllabus.
  • Books of all subjects in one place.
  • Facility of free evaluation of sketches.
  • Detailed theory with coloured images.
  • Contents in “easy to understand” language.
  • As per the latest revised syllabus of NATA and JEE-Arch.
  • More than 60 reference sketches for memory drawings.
  • Free access to NATA online test series of 15 tests worth Rs. 7500/-.
  • More than 250 questions on drawing subject.
  • Covers topics on current trends, materials and techniques in architecture.
  • Largest set of questions with previous year’s NATA and JEE-Arch test papers.
  • Mathematics Practice Test Series of 10 Tests and + around 600 Questions with answers and explanations.
  • Verbal and non-verbal reasoning book with more than 3000 questions and their answers with explanations.

Package Includes:

  • Basic Sketches
  • Design & Perspective
  • Architecture Awareness
  • Reference Sketches for Memory Drawings
  • Practice Question’s Set
  • Sketch Book
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning
  • Mathematics Practice Set

When selecting from the various NATA preparation books, carefully consider what you want to get out of them. While some books are made more general, others provide detailed training. This study material for NATA offer far more information than the general NATA preparation books.

Another thing to keep in mind is choosing your interactive and informative material can help you avoid a boring book. Let’s face it – some NATA books simply aren’t as interesting as others. Picking something you’re interested in will help you avoid falling asleep when you should be practicing for NATA or B.Arch JEE! It will also help you stay motivated as you prepare for your exam.

Finally, don’t forget to consider a mentor for the drawing portion of the NATA exam, as they can provide you with feedback and suggestions for your drawing preparation. Even online mock exams are strongly recommended as you’ll get a good sense of what to expect.


1.What is meant by NATA exam?

NATA stands for National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA), is an entrance test for admission to 5 year B.Arch Degree Course at all recognized institutions across India.

2. What is the eligibility for NATA exam?

As per the revised eligibility in 2019, candidates who have passed an examination at the end of the 10+2 scheme of examination with at least 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and also at least 50% marks in aggregate of the 10+2 level examination or passed 10+3 Diploma Examination with Mathematics as compulsory subject with at least 50% marks in aggregate.

3. Does NATA have negative marking?

No, There is no negative marking for incorrect answer in NATA.

4. Is NATA exam compulsory for architecture?

Yes, its compulsory if you want to qualify for admission in recognized institutions in India. NATA is prescribed by the Council of Architecture as a compulsory eligibility criteria for taking admission for bachelor in Architecture to any Architectural institution/college in India.

5. What is the qualifying marks for NATA?

Qualifying marks for NATA would be based on the following rules:
1. A minimum of 25% must be secured in MCQ portion (30 out of 120)
2. A minimum of 25% must be secured in Drawing portion (20 out of 80)
3. Overall qualifying marks (out of 200) would be based on post-exam statistics and at the discretion of the Council.
A Candidate will not qualify in NATA-2019 unless he/ she satisfies all three conditions mentioned above.

6. When can we give NATA exam?

Two dates are scheduled for NATA. Once in April and then in July. Candidates may opt for the first or second examination or both as per their choice.

7.How do I apply for NATA?

Application has to be filled up ONLINE at the NATA portal of Please read the NATA brochure carefully before applying.

8. How many attempts does NATA have?

Candidates can register themselves either for first test or second or both by filling in the application form appropriately. Also the best marks secured in either of the Tests as valid score for admission to B.Arch. Course.

9. Whats is Architecture ?

Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or any other structures. Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are often perceived as cultural symbols and as works of art.

10. What does architect mean?

An architect is a person who designs buildings and prepares plans to give to a builder. What he or she designs is called architecture. Architects make drawings with pens, pencils, and computers, and this is also called drafting. Architects decide the size, shape, and what the building will be made from. Architects need to be good at math and drawing.(read more)

11. What is the scope in architecture?

The best part of choosing architecture as career is that you can practice various design related jobs.
After graduation the usual path:
1. You can work as an Architect by joining architecture firms or you can start your own design firm.
2. You can also work as an Interior Designer or Interior Architect.
3. You can take turnkey project or work as an consultant.

Alternate career options for architects
1. Graphic Designer
2. Industrial Designer
3. Visualization Artist
4. Architecture Professor
5. Historian
6. Architectural Photographer
7. Creative Director
8. Movie Set Designer
9. Web Designer
10. Exhibit Designer

12. List of top Architecture colleges in India

School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
IIT Kharagpur
IIT, Roorkee
CEPT University, Ahemdabad
Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai
NIT, Thiruchirapalli
Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi
Chandigarh College of Architecture, Chandigarh
NIT, Bhopal
NIT, Jaipur
Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi
NIT, Calicut
NIT, Nagpur
School of Planning And Architecture, Bhopal
School of Planning And Architecture, Vijayawada
Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai
Anna University, Chennai