Tanya Khanna

tanya khanna

Tanya is an architect with over 15 years of global experience in Corporate Communications and Strategy within architecture, design, real estate and media domain.

She has professional experience in marketing and communications, business development, architectural research and design with a special focus on positioning and developing tailored, strategic PR and Business Development approaches within a design practice. Bringing together technical know-how, an innovative insight, and a pragmatic approach founded on industry experience, Tanya offers strategic communication expertise through Epistle Communications.

Tanya is a GRIHA certified Evaluator, which ascertains her commitment towards endorsement of sustainable design expertise. She writes for several trade and non-trade journals, has been visiting faculty at her alma mater in India and has been part of various juries. Tanya comes from within the design industry and brings with her an intrinsic understanding of what businesses in the AEC domain need to succeed, and her holistic advice continues to help design brands, studios and large practices alike.

Through her role at Epistle, she has laid the foundation of what is a one-of-its-kind agency in India; In the nine short years since its founding, Epistle has catalysed the rise of India’s architectural and design presence worldwide, enhancing visibility for its clients through curated content. We have been championing the cause of Indian design and architecture, while bridging the gap between design brands and architects.