best drafting chairs for architects and designers

Best drafting chairs

A normal human being spends more than 50% of his adult life sitting in his/her office chair. I know that it sounds tragic, but that’s the way it is. We can’t just quit our job; so what do we do? The only thing I say is ‘just do it right’ – make yourself comfortable (just like home).

Office space should be all about giving its users (the employees) a comfortable working environment. So, where do we start? I know the question is overwhelming, but after a lot of research and investigation I think – we should start by buying some new and comfy work chairs.

So, in this article, I will talk about the best drafting chairs available in the market. I will also answer questions like, what is a drafting or draughtsman chair? And what is the use of drafting chair? Etc. Followed by some product reviews. Continue to read this article to find out more about the best drafting chairs available in the market.
Introduction to Drafting Chairs

What is a drafting chair?

A Drafting chair is an important hardware for the users of architecture or design firm. These are special chairs designed to provide a high and comfortable seating platform to its users. Here are the major components of a drafting chair –

· A circular footrest situated right about the foot of the chair.

· The chair may or may not have a hand rest.

· The drafting chairs are mostly equipped with a little extra padding.

· These chairs can easily rotate about its central axis.

· A drafting chair may or may not have wheels. (I personally prefer wheels.)

These drafting chairs can be described as a wishful and intelligent upgrade to the old and uncomfortable drafting tools.

What is a draughtsman chair?

This is a very popular question asked by a lot of people. Although the answer to this is very simple – these 2 terms are simply synonyms to each other. The professionals define draughtsman chair as wheel-less swivel chair that is taller than a convention chair. It’s specially designed to be used along with the tall drafting tables.

What is the seat height of a drafting chair?

By now you must have understood that drafting chairs are meant to taller than the conventional office chairs. While the seating height of a normal chair is around 30” (inches), the seating height of this drafting chair varies between 37” – 55”. You can also adjust the seat height using the pneumatic liver situated right under the seating platform.

What is the importance of using drafting chairs?

Initially, the draftsmen were known to spend long hours sitting (and working) on uncomfortable drafting stool. These drafting chairs emerged as a solution to deal with the bad design ergonomics of the old school drafting stools. It has also helped the professionals to deal with their back problem (caused by bad seating posture.)

These tall chairs have been specially designed to be used along with tall drafting tables, elevated workbenches etc. The drafting chairs are designed to be taller in order to allow the users to operate at a comfortable height with respect to their working platform.

The new trend of standing work stations has also resulted in the increased demand for drafting chairs. The doctors recommend users to distribute their sitting and standing time for these workstations. Hence users need these tall chairs to work on these standing work stations.


In this section of the article, we will talk about the various drafting table available in the market. So take a close look at their reviews and choose your favorite.



The Modway drafting chair is a great way to add a refreshing (new) look to your office while enjoying the reliable support. It can be described as an (almost) perfect example for drafting chair highly suitable for as a studio chair, reception chair or as a companion for a standing desk.


· The chair is equipped with a breathable mesh back, designed to provide lumbar support to the lower back.

· The padded seat of the chair provides a comfortable seating space and relaxes the users’ thighs.

· The chair is also equipped with flip-up armrest for users.

· The chair allows 360-degree swivel to its users plus, you can also tilt the backrest and adjust it with a pressure control knob.

· The seat adjustment range of chair varies from – 22’5” to 30’


POLY AND BARK drafting chair

The Poly and Bark Brighton drafting chair is not just a chair, but an all-new working experience for a draughtsman. The modern design and technology make it a great choice for architecture and design offices.


· The seat and the backrest of the chair are covered with a breathable mesh fabric, that keeps your body cool and comfortable throughout the long working hours.

· The chair is equipped with an adjustable footrest (range varying from 9.5” to 15.5” from the ground.)

· The dynamic product design, allows it to adjust into any surrounding (your home, office etc.)

· The high degree of adjustability ranging from seat height via footrest height all the way to flip up armrest.

· This wheels of the chair gives the user a wider range of movement.


                 Eurotech Seating Apollo DFT9800 Drafting Stool

Eurotech is one of the oldest and finest chair manufacturing companies in the world. The company was established in 1979 and since then they have dedicated there work towards giving its users the best seating experience.


· The chair has an adjustable seat height, that can vary from 26” to 36” above the ground level based on users need.

· The chair is covered with breathable mesh covers. The padded waterfall seats also ensure good body posture and comfortable seating experience for the users.

· Unlike most, this drafting chair has hand rest with adjustable height and width.

· The designers of this chair have provided an adjustable backrest. You can easily adjust its height for lumbar support and comfort.

· This drafting chair is also equipped with footrest, wheels, swiveling seat etc.


               HON Solve drafting chair

The designers describe it as a universal chair. The Hon solve drafting chair can be called the optimum chair that ensures ease and comfort for all of its users.


· The mid black office chair has a padded waterfall mesh seat, to give its users a space to rest their hips and thighs. It simultaneously serves to ensure a good body posture for all of its users.

· The chair has a specially designed backrest for user comfort. The Stretchy cloth that covers it moves along with your body to provide you lumbar support.

· The Hon solve drafting chair has an adjustable arm to support the upper body of the users.

· The chair can easily adapt to your upper and lower body movement using seat glide mechanism, synchro and tension tilt, 360degree swivel and adjustable seat height (using the pneumatic lift).

· This is a premium quality product, available at a very reasonable cost. It is one of the best drafting chair available in the market.


Modway Veer Drafting Stool-Chair

This is yet another piece of art by Modway. Enjoy a comfortable drafting experience on this veer drafting chair. I assure you won’t regret buying it.


· The chair has a perfect body design to comfort, support and align the posture your back and thighs as you continue to work.

· The chair has unique form fitted backrest covered with a breathable mesh.

· The seat is made of padded waterfall mesh.

· The chair has a tilt and tension control knob, to adjust the backrest of the chair according to users body weight.

· The chair has a pneumatic lift to adjust seat height.

· The special wheel and easy to swivel axis of the chair allow easy user movement for its users.

6. Tremaine – Poly and Bark

Poly and Bark Tremaine Drafting Chair

The poly and bark drafting chair is very elegant and posh looking chair. One must add use it to add aesthetic value to their office work stations.


· The seat and backrest have a beautiful leather finish.

· The chair is equipped with fixed armrests. Each arm is padded to assure user comfort.

· The poly and bark drafting chair has a pneumatic lift to adjust the seat and footrest height.

· The seat of the chair can tilt. (it’s balanced using tension control)


                 Multi-Purpose Drafting chair

This is a very basic and simple model of drafting stool. Low budget architecture and design offices should consider buying these drafting stools.


· The drafting stool is covered with bonded leather. (available in black and white)

· The stool has an adjustable seat, with its range varying from 30.3” to 36.2”.

· This drafting stool has a weight bearing capacity of 250 pounds.

· It permits 360-degree swivel to its users.

· The chair comes with an adjustable footrest for user comfort.

· The drafting stool has a small leather packed drafting cushion (to support your back).


       Office Factor Drafting Chair

The office factor stool clerk teller is unique drafting chair. The contemporary design and modern looks make this chair a popular choice among users.


· The user can easily adjust the seat height using a single lever (Max. height 30”). It simply operates using a pneumatic system.

· This drafting chair has a wide base composed of 5 arms (equipped with wheels.) This simply improves the stability of the chair.

· The chair has a load bearing capacity of 250 pounds.

· The seat and the backrest of the chair are covered with a breathable mesh fabric, which keeps your body cool and comfortable throughout the long working hours.

· The chair is also equipped with adjustable arms for upper body support.

· The good quality wheel allows the user to easily glide across the working space.


This one is a premium quality drafting chair, designed especially for executive use. These drafting chairs should be bought for use of higher officials.


· The users can easily adjust the seat height of the chair using the pneumatic design.

· The chair has a tall and wide leather covered back support for its users.

· The users can tilt and lock the back support as per user comfort.

· The chair has a maximum load bearing capacity of 250 pounds.

· The chair is also equipped with a ring-shaped footrest for the users.


Sunon Drafting Chair

The Sunon drafting chair has been specially designed to provide architects, designers, engineers etc a comfortable working (drafting) experience. Architecture and design firms must buy these chairs to improve their employee efficiency.


· This back support of this drafting chair is covered with a form-fitted breathable mesh that provides multi-directional lumber support to its users.

· The padded seats, cushioned with 2.5 inch thick foams provide a soothing and comfortable resting space for the users’ thighs.

· The user can easily adjust the backrest of the chair using the tilt and tension control knob.

· The chair has a load bearing capacity of 330 pounds.

· The designers have installed new and adjustable braking wheel for user convenience.

· The chair has a ring-shaped adjustable footrest for its users.

· The chair is environment-friendly and has been certified by Greenguard Indoor Air Quality.



This is one of the most basic yet elegant drafting stools available in the markets. An organization with budget constraints can consider buying these for the office.


· The drafting stool has been designed for increasing the working efficiency of the employees.

· The product responds to the natural shape of the human spine to maximize user comfort.

· The stool has an adjustable seat. ( Range is only 6”)

· The item is available in 3 different colors.

AmazonBasics Multi-Purpose Drafting stool

This is the most economical and basic drafting stool available in the market. This is a very popular choice of drafting stool for organizations with a low budget.


· The stool has a comfortable (padded) seat, covered with leather finish.

· The stool has a load bearing capacity of 250 pounds.

· Users can easily adjust the seat height, as per there comfort.

· The stool allows 360-degree movement for the users.
(Personal suggestion, not a good choice for architecture or design firms)

Think carefully and select the best and most suitable drafting chair or stool for your firm. All of these are the best drafting chairs available in the market. Happy shopping.


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